We are a new established dance school built up of 2 teachers that want to pass their passion of dance onto other students. The principal teachers Lucy Dudley and Kelly Homer have over 20+ years experience. Both teachers are delivering their skills for new exciting dance classes and would love for you to join!



This class is a mixture of all types of dance. It contains disco, contempary, acrobatics and some element of street/hiphop. There are classes for all ages starting with the mini group moving up to intermmediate and advanced. The class will be taught in a mirrored way and on occasions class dances will be created.

Freestyle 1

    Mini ballet

Mini ballet is for the younger students of the school. We will teach a variety of ballet skills and improve the childrens techniques. In this class we will work on pointed toes, positions of the arms and feet, partner work and turns. We also modify the ballet movements to suit both girls and boys.


We teach acrobatics for students of all ages. Starting with a warm up including stretches to ensure the muscles are loose and ready. We go through the basic skills to prepare for acrobatics at a more advance level. Acro can also be used in other dances and can help learn balance's and lines. Once at an advance level they can learn tricks such as backflips, aerials, hand walks and somersalts.


Technique/Ballet is designed for the more experienced dancers. We will work on straightening legs, loosening the muscles in order to improve skills such as splits and standing hold of leg. We will also incorporate ballet to improve turn out and positioning of the arms and feet.

More classes yet to come...

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